Commentary on Relationships


Everybody needs somebody, somebody like you so sings rock singer Bryan Adams. Relationships are a part of our human existence. There are dozens of songs, poems and the like about the subject. Our lives are made better by having people in them. However it can be tricky.

Author and pastor Rev. Shane Stanford has this interesting take on the subject of relationships that makes sense to me. We dread being alone so we make friends. We dread being hurt so we don’t make friends. We dread being betrayed, so we don’t let our real selves show. We dread loss so we choose not to love.

Rev. Stanford in this case is referring to how Jesus got to know us so well and got to the things we fear most. In this case its about relationships. In his Earthly life Jesus relied on the kindness of others because he didn’t have many material resources he called his own. In a way we all rely upon the kindness of others in our relationships.

You can tell how a relationship is going often times by reading someones blog post or Facebook status. Our relationships with others are a balancing act of give and take. Healthy relationships take a lot of work and requires some sacrifices and a lot of understanding. How we were raised in part can set the example of how we treat people. Bad relationships can either influence more bad relationships or perhaps turn it around and help people know how not to treat others.

We all want close friendships like you see on TV, you know the types where a group of people are very tight with each other. Also there are relationships that are fractured for one reason or another.

Your closest relationships will change over time. Life has a way of doing strange things that cause us to have to change ourselves. It’s very rare when you see a life-long friendship that has endured time and space. Our lives have us on the move more than ever and a friend today might be a memory tomorrow. Friends come for a reason and sometimes a season. Relationships come and go but being there in the moment is always a courageous thing to do. Your relationships can help form an individual as they go through life. Never be afraid to love, it is worth it. Life is too short to be lonely.


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