Get Out or Stay In, Finding The Balance Inbetween


Sometimes it’s good to chill out. Then there are times when its good to live a little. Our lives can be chaotic or totally boring. Finding the balance is a tricky situation. I admit I have never been a party guy or the type enjoys going out to a club (although I have done that in my life). There’s nothing wrong with being a homebody but its good to get out and explore (something I need to do more of).

If you are a party animal its OK to have some quiet downtime. However if you enjoy being a homebody and a lot of us are perhaps going out for some coffee to see the outside world can inspire us and stimulate our senses. No one is meant to be alone for too long.

It can be hard to get out if you are going it alone however its a good way to make connections with new people. No matter what you are doing have fun. Life is short.

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