Women In Sports, In Life


The Canada vs. USA womens hockey game was proof that women in sports deserve the highest platform to compete more than every 4 years. Further proof is the US Womens National Soccer/Football team that won Gold in London. I think women work just as hard on the field of play as men do, often harder to gain the respect of a public that hasn’t fully bought into pro women’s sports.

There are some great pro leagues for women overseas but here in the states men’s sports still dominate.

Like in the movie “League of Their Own” women filled in to play baseball during World War II to provide a much needed distraction. There are some great women athletes such as Venus Williams who compete at a very high level.

Women need equality in a lot of things in life. Shattering the glass ceiling is only the start. Whatever a woman’s calling in life they should have the opportunity to achieve whatever they can dream. They need have more consideration in the world that needs a woman’s touch. 


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