Me and Music


I admit I am not up on a lot of the most popular music. My information on contemporary music comes from Saturday Night Live, TV and Tumblr. Retro music is what comforts me and reminds me of times gone by. It’s not that I want to not bring in new music into my life, I think I do some of that but its good to think outside the box. I listen to NPR in my truck and when I am home during the day. At this point in my life I enjoy learning about new things, being up to date on important events and gaining perspective on the world around me. Listening to public radio and watching public TV is probably the most nerdy thing you can do but I enjoy what I hear. So tonight as Grammy’s are being handed out, I will be watching Downton Abbey and Sherlock. The drama of a family and a consulting detective is more interesting to me than the awards show tonight.


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