How Much Friendship Is Too Much


Friendships are a tricky thing. Some relationships are built on a foundation of spending time with one another and constant contact. However finding the balance of how much you contact your friend and giving them space can be only achieved by communication.

When I get a new friend, especially when they are in my mind cooler than I am I feel like I can be a bit overwhelming, like a Labrador. I am hyper friendly and some folks don’t know how to take that. There have been friendships I have had that in my mind I am the only friend that person has and I have been a little jealous of their other friendships.

I am a extrovert and that can be a good thing, however when it comes to some people who are more introverted that can be too much. I fear that I have run some people off because of my brand of friendliness.

My hope is that people will call me on it. I want friendships for the long haul and I never want to overstay my welcome or become annoying.


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