When there is change in our lives in something we are a part of there is a time of uncertainty. One never knows what’s going to happen. You sort of have to go with the flow until things shake out. The temptation is when things aren’t going your way is to leave the situation behind. A change can be good and is needed for ones sanity but sometimes there can be a lesson to be learned by staying around. 

In my church there are people who have been members for over 50 years. That is a lot of change to endure. New ministers, friends coming and going, deaths, a changing community and so forth. I think people who have stayed around during all the chaos that is change are in inspiration. They have shown commitment to something bigger than them.

Now for some life situations can be a reason to change and you have go to another place. Staying in one place is harder and harder for many people. Health, occupation, conflict can be valid reasons. Life is much like a sailboat and it will carry you where then wind takes you. 

Change is a constant. We have to be ready to take what comes. Resiliency is something you earn by going through life and taking the punches. Sorry for being so cliche but its true. Nothing ever stays the same. 


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