An Advent Reflection, The “War on Christmas”


This “war on Christmas” is a bunch of hooey. Christmas is as alive and well as it ever was. It’s some Christian’s who have chosen to behave in a way that doesn’t reflect the love and grace of Christ who complain about the removal of Christian themes during the holiday.

Yes, there is too much commercialism, too much excess, too much focus on what do we get and less about what we give. I think the season of Advent helps focus the believer in on the coming of Christ during these days leading up to Christmas day. 

Really those who complain about less Christ in Christmas are too busy getting in a panic over things that aren’t what God would want them to focus on. The real things we should be concerned about are feeding the hungry, caring for the poor, loving our neighbors as we love ourselves.

I believe that Jesus was fully human and fully divine. He was humble and loved people, challenged the status quo and wanted to be sure that those he encountered were loved. 

Really if you want to put Christ back in Christmas, put Christ back into the Christian. Begin to do things that Jesus would want us to do. That means practicing your faith with generosity, peace and love every day not just this holiday.


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