Ideas For Teaching Christmas To Kids


A fellow blogger was asking how to throw a Christmas celebration for some young folks at her church. Having been a young and old person during the holidays here is the advice I gave her.

1. The Crismon Tree – In most churches that decorates their worship space they have a tree with ornaments that are called crismons. Those crismons have different meanings and are symbols for Christ.

2. Nativity Scene – Have kids dress up as the Holy Family, Shepherds and animals that might have been there in Bethlehem. We know the story to be different in reality but it gives the kids a kind of an idea of what it was like. 

3. Incorporate Santa – Santa Claus is taken from an actual saint of the church Saint Nicholas. Learning more about who he was and his ministry would be informative for kids.

4. Giving Canned Goods – Many food banks are in need year round but kids could learn the act of giving as God gave us Jesus. Food is a way to spread the love to those in need.

5. Celebrate Advent – The season prior to Christmas is a great way to teach about the coming of the Christ Child. Its a good time for reflection and centering oneself for the real meaning of the holiday. 

I am not a holiday expert but these might be good for you to use in planning a spiritually centered Christmas holiday season.


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