Surfin The Web Old School Style


Friends, my setup in Nerd Corner has given me a revelation. I like surfing the Web from a desk, in a quiet place, on a big monitor. Yes give me a desktop set up or modified laptop set up, any day. I think you can be more creative, focused and accurate in your computer activities this way. I really am enjoying this feeling of being at a desk and feeling like I am accomplishing things.

Of course there is the excitement of taking your laptop into a coffee house those hipsters (I am a wanna be hipster) like and surfing, doing real work and checking out the latest blends while you people watch. Hopefully the WiFi hasn’t been maxed out by the other users and you can get an IP address. 

Surfing from home means wearing your PJ’s or whatever you pass off as PJ’s or whatever you want to wear…heck wear nothing. You have cheap coffee and perhaps someone you can snuggle up with while you have dueling computers. 

Then there are the tablets out there, you know the ones that have a touch screens and the like. But you know there’s something retro and fun about a real keyboard…you get to hear what you write too. I would like a tablet but to use from the couch or bed.

However you surf the Web make sure you enjoy it. Remember how much fun it can be. A browser is still the best killer app. Happy surfing everyone. 


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