Choosing A Career In Social Media


I love to blog…really making contact with people is a great thing to do. You are building relationships, sharing ideas and having fun along the way. When choosing to do it professionally then you have to know that your hobby has become your livelihood.

You have to keep up with emerging technologies, tools and websites to get your message out. There are changing platforms such as tablets and smartphones that present a whole new set of challenges. Other people can get in the mix such as agencies and clients both external and internal. When doing social media you have to work with people who are graphic designers, writers, web developers and other techie sorts.

You have to keep up with all of those things and changes in the message you are charged with spreading. All of those things seem to be daunting but they can also be rewarding. You have to utilize as many available tools to spread the message too.

Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, PInterest and email, yep email are the best ways to say what you want people to hear. The decision making process on if you should work in social media needs to be one where you get advice and determine can whether or not its good for you to pursue a career in that business. 


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