Can A Guy Be Too Girly, And Still Be Straight


As most of you know, most of my friends are women. I enjoy the company of some awesome people who happen to be women. They are caring, considerate, honest, warm, intelligent and perceptive individuals.

The feminine influence is strong with me. However this poses a question I have, can a man be too girly and still be straight? Of course the issue of gender and sexuality are significant to this discussion but I choose not to go there in this post.

When a guy has an appreciation of traditionally feminine things such as chick flicks, clothing, cooking, decorating and the like, does that mean he has abandoned all the traditional dude stuff? Can you have the best of both worlds? (sorry Hannah Montana).

Its been suggested to me by my wife to check out more manly blogs, interests and other male-centric things. Yes its important to embrace my masculinity, but does it have to be always have to be about how to be rough and tumble I should be.

I guess the reason I enjoy the company of women is that I can be myself easier with women than with my men friends. Their interests are closer to mine. Sometime conversations can be deeper and more interesting with a gal pal. Personally I am not a macho dude and I don’t pretend to be.

Women have a very important role in the world. They lead major corporations and cities, teach in the classroom, fight in combat missions, fly planes, preach from pulpits and of course raise children sometimes without a partner.

I celebrate my female friends and enjoy their company. But as a man at times I have some issues in relating fully to their experiences. We react differently to physical and emotional events. Stress effects us in unique ways. I hope I can empathize and sympathize the best I can with women. Perhaps its a heart felt thing. Women need to be honored and revered but also affirmed as human beings in which we share faults and weaknesses.

To all my friends, male and female, know I love and appreciate you all. God bless us, everyone.


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