Why I Blog?


That is a good question…I think I have an answer.

Its a hobby, its a great pastime that allows one to make life better.

Journaling has been around forever in the forms of diaries, and taking notes in real-time. 

Collecting ones personal images, life events and media can create a log of your life.

I enjoy expressing myself and sharing my thoughts. I certainly hope it doesn’t come across as narcissistic or self-centered. Sharing your life is not a bad thing.

Its the act of coming together as a community. Blogging is about knowing self and knowing others.

Blogging can help you practice writing and keeps one mind active.

Its about connecting with the world in a peaceful way (well hopefully peaceful).

It can inform family, friends and future friends what you are about.

These are some of the reasons why I blog, why do you blog?


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