Ok, lets face it…I am as white as sour cream and mayonnaise. I am as Caucasian as it comes. However I appreciate our growing national diversity. People of colour and other nationalities have influenced me and have helped me understand others more.

It started for me at Hiwassee College where I was introduced to people from countries all over the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. So as a lily-white man from the south I have been blessed to know awesome people from everywhere around the globe.

This is a strong reminder that God is love, God created us all, there is no biological difference in people. We have experienced similar things in our lives that have shaped us the only difference is where they happened.

Its said the United States will have more non-whites in the country not too far in the distant future and to me that’s fine. I do not feel threatened in any way and why should I.

Diversity makes us stronger, we live in a world of color. Its good to recognize that for future generations. We must resist racism and ethnocentrism and nationalism so that our world community would come together in understanding and peace.


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