A Commentary: Our Online Lives


For many the Internet is a way to connect with this crazy world we live in. It’s a portal for information, education, enlightenment and entertainment. Unfortunately its not a completely safe space. People who’s lives are full of chaos can find themselves overwhelmed by messages that aren’t good for them. Its a unfortunate reality that users face online.

As bloggers we put our hearts and souls out there to share with the world. The ability to have an exchange of ideas is important build bridges between people. However its a place where mean people want to bully those who just want to find some acceptance in life. I believe its time to reclaim the global information highway for good purposes.

It’s a shame that some people have to tear others down to make them seem more important. Constructive criticism can be helpful to the individual and can encourage healthy dialogue. To me bullying, harassment and excessive profanity is unacceptable. Why does it require more of ourselves to be kind than it does to be hateful?

Folks are on sites like Tumblr to have fun and enjoy the creative process of building a blog and a community. Lets give each other a break and learn to love. This is a part of growing as a person and having a little grace with others. Be kind and be good to one another online.


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