The Things People Say


OK folks, we have all said stupid stuff about things that in the grand scheme of things really don’t matter. On the flip side people have said and done things that haven’t been so nice to us. The old saying goes “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” well its easier said than done.

Gossip is a dangerous thing and we all have done it. Spreading rumours can wreck reputations. Its fun to chat about people but often we do it when we don’t have all the info about them.

People will say something to you about your appearance and if you don’t have the best body image it can shatter your self esteem. Some people are highly sensitive to how they are viewed by others. Society tells us how we are supposed to dress and what beauty is and the words used to describe us can sometimes be unkind.

Friends we live in a world where kindness can be hard to come by. It’s sad that we find it easier to say derogatory things about someone than to find words to build someone else.

Of course we have that one person that drives us nuts, we love them but they drive us crazy. Compatibility is also an issue and we don’t always get along with one another. We all know people like these and we find ourselves talking about them out of frustration. The sad part about it is that we are more like the people that drive us nuts and some people we don’t always get along with.

I have done pretty much all of what I have described here. There’s nothing innocent about me here. I beg forgiveness. However there is always an opportunity to improve and learn to have more grace with people who have talked badly about me and to offer grace with people I have talked poorly about. Everyone is in this same boat so to speak.

Words are weapons, use them wisely.


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