Yahoo + Tumblr Is Reality – Today both David Karp and Marissa Mayer announced the marriage of Yahoo and Tumblr. This is happening and we can’t change that. 

I have shared my reservations so perhaps to have some balance perhaps there needs to be some positives that can come from it.

1. Stability, keeping Tumblr going long term. Providing cash to power the site and keeping reducing downtime.

2. Yahoo could help creators of content get their message out to a wider audience. Perhaps a tie-in with the tagging system that Tumblr employs. 

3. Search is Yahoo’s historic business and they still do it. Perhaps that search can make findinig blogs easier. Also Yahoo’s search could help users find graphics and gifs to post on their sites. 

4. Yahoo could help Tumblr reach out to a wider audience than it has. Its popular and cool but not with everyone. 

5. It can merge some technologies to improve the user experience. If Yahoo can get better at video and audio that could help Tumblr bloggers posts.

Whatever it does, we cannot high tail it for other blogging services. Geocities closed in part because of mass defections. Keep on blogging. friends and Tumblr on! We also have to keep Yahoo accountable as best we can. The marriage can work, but it takes a lot of work. 


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