Life’s Chaos


We live in a world full of Chaos. Personal, professional, political, situational and other things drive us crazy. People have problems that are of their own making while other times its out of our control. I am reminded that the calamity we see is not always the result of natural disasters but some of the choices we make. There is plenty of blame to pass around and some of it goes to God and others. Sometimes chaos can give us creation.

Lord Byron once said Out of chaos God made a world, and out of high passions comes a people. It’s true that Chaos can be good but other times we don’t know how to manage our lives through it. 

The greatest example of making it through a chaotic event was when the folks in Japan who suffered through a tsunami that wiped out their lives came together, offered no excuses and just helped one another. Those who went through super storm Sandy were strong and resilient through a horrible weather event. 

Friends we have all gone through some rough times. Life offers no guarantee of perfection but we can make it through and we can prosper through it all. Hang in there to all who need encouraging. 


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