Yahoo Wants Tumblr…I Would Be Concerned


Reports across the Web say that Yahoo wants to buy Tumblr. Friends this is a serious thing. Yahoo had a blogging platform called 360 a number of years ago but shut it down for business reasons. It bought Geocities the Web page building platform just to shut it down a few years ago. 

If you have built a presence on Tumblr it should concern you. Yahoo has an aggressive CEO who will want to use this blogging platform for advertising and reaching the 18-35 age group it needs to become relevant again. Who knows what would happen if this buyout takes place. I am not sure it would be a good thing for us. 

The deal would be worth $1 billion so it would be hard for David Karp and team to refuse. We would see Tumblr change and I am not sure for the better. You could also see other suitors like Facebook and Google swoop in and undermine Yahoo’s bid. My advice is to stay tuned and see what happens.


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