Something About A Memory – I have been posting pictures on my church’s Facebook page remembering some good times we have had over the years. Its my hope that these memories will spur some warm feelings and perhaps getting some folks back into the fold at church. 

Everyone has some fond memories and pictorial treasures in a scrapbook, a blog, a box somewhere in their closet. Those snapshots of time tell a lot about where we have been and perhaps gives a glimpse of where we can go. So many people have some fond memories like these that it helps them cope with the rough times.

A picture can say a thousand words so they say. Images can be like time machines taking us back to an event that meant a lot to us, a retreat in the mountains with friends, a trip where we did some good works, the wedding of a great couple, a time when you felt like you were on top of the world and some goofing off. 

I have been glad to share these pix of people of White Oak United Methodist Church. My prayer is that there will be plenty of time to capture more memories and share them with special people. 


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