Do Your Part for The World and For Yourself


Everyone in life has their calling that makes the world a better place. Some are called to leadership while others are there to serve others. There are all sorts of things we can do. Teaching, feeding, building, holding, loving are all occupations that are needed in our communities. For those who follow Jesus there are all sorts of opportunities available. It is for the purpose of taking care of those who are in need or those who need a lift in life.

Palm Sunday is the celebration Jesus going into Jerusalem like a hero. He rode in on a donkey (some say colt) we all need that means of transport to carry us into our calling. For Jesus his calling was to give his life for everyone.

However you are called in life please use your talents to do good. Nerdfighters have a saying Don’t Forget To Be Awesome and I think it applies here the world can suck less if we all do our part. It requires courage and faith. There are so many creative opportunities out there.

Whatever and whoever you believe, know that you can make a difference. Don’t be afraid to try new things and always be willing to share your life and love to people who need it.


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