The Storm of 1993 – Twenty Years Ago


Twenty years ago I was a Junior at Middle Tennessee State University and home on Spring break. It was the most memorable Spring break ever because the skies opened up to drop 20 inches of snow on the area. At the time I lived on a mountain and there seemed to be more than 20 inches. The temps were colder too. The snow drifts were amazing. It was cold and very windy. As a family we bonded together and just chilled out and made the most of it.

It was a challenge to take our little Lhasa Apso Maggie dog outside because she was so small and the snow was so big. For many it was hard to get out and do anything. People were stuck at home for days. Clearing the show was a challenge too.

Chattanooga was shut down in many places. It was a blizzard that people around here still talk about, it was the Storm of The Century. Being home on break was good because I could be a part of it.


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