The Papal Conclave Begins


Today is the first day of the Papal Conclave, the process in which a new Pope will be selected. Cardinals from around the globe have come to The Vatican to choose who will lead the Catholic Church. This is an important decision to be made. It combines a lot of different factors. Personal choice and The Holy Spirit are significant factors in this choice.  Whoever is chosen, there are a lot of serious things that must be addressed which has been documented in the news. The person selected also must be able to communicate the Gospel in a way that strengthens the Church and brings people to Christ.

I am not a Catholic but the Pope does impact the greater Christian community. As a leader of the Roman Catholic Church he leads over a billion people. The Vatican is also a independent nation too. It’s a position that has impact globally.

My prayers are with them as they meet this week. Everyone will be on chimney watch to see when the new Pope will be chosen. Challenging and exciting times are ahead.


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