Going Through It All, Together!


People are experiencing life in different ways these days. People I know remember Pearl Harbor while others remember 9/11. The way we share in those events has changed over the years. Technology has given us hundreds of channels on TV when at one point we had 3 channels so we were limited to what we could watch. Then there is the Internet and that changed all the rules.

In Church this morning Pastor Amy talked about how the stories of our lives are linked to common experiences. The most important part is how God can bring his people together so we can share in it. He is the Lord of all time and space. From my perspective he has carried me through some tough times including personal loss. Without Him I wouldn’t have the things I have now. I am grateful for that.

Those experiences in life can prepare you for what’s to come. It tests your mettle. It can also bond you with people who have gone through it too. Communities can be built from crisis but they can also be torn apart. I pray that each person will find that thing that they can hold on to and will bring you closer together.

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