A Older Perspective on Tumblr


I got a very nice note from one of my followers who said “it is nice to have an older perspective on my blog” she said not to take it the wrong way. I didn’t, I took it as a compliment. 

Tumblr is a site where there are a lot of younger users, that fact is not lost on me. However it can be a place for a mature voice. A place to engage conversation and exchange ideas from different generations. Perhaps in our conversations we can gain further understanding on a wide array of  issues. 

I chose Tumblr for lots of reasons but the most important is that it has a system of tagging that allows for folks to get their posts to a wide audience. The ability to cross post to other platforms “Facebook, Twitter,  Etc” is also helpful in having a rich discussion. 

So to all the younger bloggers, thank you for your friendship and willingness to cross generations. To the older bloggers out there remember Tumblr can be for you too. Everyone, keep on blogging.


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