Love Is A Choice


When you make a choice to love it can be exciting and scary all at once. You make a decision to spend your life with someone hopefully for the long haul. Many people have great relationships that have a foundation of love that is built to last.

However some couples drift apart because of one reason or another. Most times relationships fall apart because it isn’t being cared for like a flower in a garden. You have to water and feed a plant for it to survive. Human partnerships are much like that. “The Five Love Languages” uses the metaphor of a “tank” that needs to be filled to keep a relationship alive. You fill that tank in part by using the love language explained in the book.

Some couples suffer because they don’t know the language of their partner. You have to be present in your relationship to make it work. It means spending time with your partner to grow the relationship. Today we are so busy and its easy to ignore that person you have chosen to love. There is a song that says “love takes time” and its true. You have to take the time to love no matter your schedule.

Love to me is like a fire. You have kindling which gets the fire started then you have to put on long burning log to keep the fire burning. Kindling is great but it doesn’t last very long.

Finding your language of love can help you find the fuel to keep your relationships burning for a long time.


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