The Language Of Love, Do You Know Yours or Your Partners?


Do you know the language of love that you respond to?  This information can show you the best way your spouse or partner can demonstrate how much they care about you. The ability to relate to people in a way that makes them feel special can go a long way in keeping a relationship healthy. Every person has something that can help them feel valued, secure and nurtured so knowing that can bring you closer together.

If you have been following along I have talked about five languages that Dr. Gary Chapman lays out in his book “The Five Love Languages”. He lays out the case of the language of love through years of experience in counseling, anthropological study, and keen observation that we are all different and we all react and respond to love in different ways.

Its about keeping our “tanks” full of love and appreciation. We can’t put all of it on our partners shoulders we all have our individual responsibilities to do that. However to feel loved in our relationships our significant others have the opportunity to make us feel appreciated. So many couples struggle with this because they just assume what makes each other tick but in reality they don’t. Assuming is a dangerous thing as I have experienced.

On the “Five Love Languages” website there is a test that both couples and singles can take. For those who are without a partner in life you still can find out more about who you are and what makes you happy. It can help you find that person who will give you fulfillment and love. Click the graphic below and go the site to take the test.


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