Notes on Television


This time of year the networks will make programming decisions for the next TV season. New and returning shows will be introduced at the upfront sessions for advertisers and others which are held each spring. 

Fans await news about whether or not their favorite shows will be renewed. Many  will be relieved and a few disappointed that their favorites will or will not be returning. People make emotional investments in characters and stories that give them an escape from reality. On Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook they will express their love and their opinions without reservation on all things involving a TV show. 

The programs I am glad to see coming back are CSI:New York, Body of Proof, Castle, Happy Endings, Don’t Trust the B… in Apt. 23, Suburgatory, Once Upon a Time and Blue Bloods and The New Girl.

I know fans of Community, Parks and Rec and 30 Rock are happy to see those shows return however NBC has had it rough in the ratings the past few years. The heyday of Must See TV has come and gone for the Peacock Network. 

My mom is lamenting the departure of Desperate Housewives which announced they were ending at the beginning of the season and GCB which didn’t seem to get a footing. ABC on Sunday nights has only two returning shows. I am personally sad that Pan Am will not be returning, I thought it had promise and had a great cast.

The 2012-13 season will be interesting and full of brand new shows with the hopes of gaining an audience and making a statement. Most networks will only give a show 1-2 airings and based on ratings will make the decision to let run or to pull it. Some shows in the past were one-and-done. We shall see what happens. TV is a fickle medium these days with lots of money invested. 


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