A Believer, Blogger and Geek”s Resolve to be Kind.


In a world that seems to reward being mean I resolve to be kind. Being nice makes our world better. Having a good relationship with family, friends and community can change us all. Being nice even though not everyone else is shows the world goodness and light.

As a believer I know God is love and its my hope that people around the globe can experience this one day. 

As a blogger I will be nice to the individuals I encounter and contribute positive things to the web. 

As a geek I resolve to bring people together through tech, social networking and media showing people that its right to be nice.

Of course kidding around and light mischief can bring people together as long as it doesn’t tear down or demean. 

There are so many people in the world who need to feel love and peace. Bullying unfortunately has found its way to social media and the rest of the web. Let the revolution of love and peace start now. 


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