A Geek’s Weekend, Indeed!


This was an amazing weekend for geeks and those who are geeks at heart.

“The Avengers” debuted to big box office numbers here in the states. In what in my opinion is the best super hero movie ever made people went to the theatre’s in droves. The action and the story are really good! We saw it on a bigger than normal screen in 3-D. Great stuff!

On Sunday on PBS it was the series/season premiere of “Sherlock” which is a modern day adaptation of the classic “Sherlock Holmes” stories. We think that its one of the best shows on TV on the planet.

The Moon was closer to the Earth making it look bigger and everyone called it “Supermoon”. We didn’t see it because of some clouds and where our house is the hills got in the way a little. We didn’t get up to see it when the moon was overhead. 

I love it when there are moments of geekness that everyone can share in. It reaffirms the fact that “The Geeks shall inherit the Earth”!


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