The Avengers – A Review


The Avengers is the best super hero movie ever made…ever. Joss Whedon brought together a super cast, gave them a solid story and made movie magic. Chattanooga’s own Samuel L. Jackson was stellar in his role as Nick Fury. The whole cast brought their A-game to this epic movie. The visuals were amazing and enhanced the movies action scenes. Mark Ruffalo was very good as Dr. Bruce Banner/Incredible Hulk.

We have seen the rest of the cast in their own movies with the exception of Black Widow played by Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner who plays Hawkeye. Some of the best lines were delivered by Robert Downey, Jr./Iron Man. We haven’t seen “Thor” or “Incredible Hulk” yet so this was our first intro to those characters and Chris Hemsworth is quite good.

There were great moral lessons on power to be learned from this flick. I like a movie that makes you think a little and this one didn’t fail to do that. 

Its worth another look and a must buy on Blu Ray.However you need to see this on the big screen, this movie is worth the expense for 3D. This is a good movie for younger kids with minimal profanity however the enemy monsters were a bit intense.

We really enjoyed it! You will too!


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