Self Service…But No Smile.


This morning I mailed a package for my wife. It was a routine sort of thing but I did it at a self-serve kiosk at the main post office here in Chattanooga. It asked how big the package was, it weighed it and priced the postage according to the zip code it was going to. Then I paid for the stamp and it printed it out for me. Then I stamped the package, dropped in the delivery slot and I was on my way.

There is something to be said for modern conveniences but I do like human interaction when doing business. Having a real conversation and the opportunity to ask questions about what you are buying or services you are using can be comforting. When I go to the grocery I like talking to the checkout person. They are usually young people trying to earn money for college or a car or even rent some of those folks have some unique wisdom and experiences to share.

Somehow modern conveniences have taken the human element out of things. I am not so sure its for the greater good. 

I like being able to interact and engage with someone when I am buying something. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy modern technology and conveniences, I just don’t want some person displaced or out of work because of my need for convenience. Maybe there can be some balance. 


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