Thanking God For His Creation


Psalm 148 is about how God’s creation longs to praise him, to pray to him, to adore him. From everything in nature to kings and royalty, the young and the old longs to praise the one who created it all. Everything that God made wants to share its adoration to the one who made this life for us possible. In the hymn “All Creatures of our God and King” its a song that is a call to God’s creation to worship and praise him with humbleness. Its a powerful testimony as to how this grand designer and maker of heaven’s and Earth just spoke and everything came into existence. The verse in Psalm 148 is kind of a rundown of how the creation story came about in Genesis and later in 1st John 1. It’s also a commitment to his people that he will sustain his creation as well. This is a commandment to us all to praise him wherever we throughout all eternity. Praising God and thanking him for his remarkable creation including us is a good thing.


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