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Huntsman staffer says she is ‘sick and sad’ for the Republican Party after watching presidential debates

In a post on her Facebook page, Sarah Reidy, who joined Huntsman’s campaign in August but was not speaking on its behalf in this instance, said the behavior of audience members made her “sick and sad” for the Republican party.

“For years I have tried to prove that the GOP isn’t the Party of elitist, stereotypical people that lack compassion,” Reidy wrote on her Facebook account Tuesday. “When did creativity and growth become secondary to hate? Hearing the debate crowds go crazy over things like executions and the uninsured dying makes me sick and sad for my Party that I devote my time and efforts.”

In an interview with The Ticket, Reidy said that she has heard similar complaints within Republican circles.

Yeah, who was that wacko who accused Texas Governor of Rick Perry of treason for holding relatively moderate views on immigration? Wait, that was Jon Huntsman? Oh. 


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