September has come, August has gone.


As I write this post we will transition to a new month. September is kind of the gateway to fall and winter. Months come and go so fast these days but when a month seems like an eternity then that is a different story. August was kind of sucky. Different types of stress along with two deaths and a illness were a lot to handle. We did celebrate our 43rd (wife) and 42nd (me) birthdays. Perhaps that is a bright spot on the month. Next week my wife leaves for Texas for a conference and football season begins. September seems to be looking up. I really hope so. Of course the whole thing will be blogged, tweeted and covered well. It’s what you do when you wanna remember things so which asks the question, why did I wanna remember August…history I suppose. Friends lets make this better, a do-over from the last month. Now as I publish this post its now September and we have 30 days this time to get it right. God bless us all. 


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