Pat Summitt – The Challenge of Her Life


In full disclosure I am not a University of Tennessee Volunteer fan and that makes me a rarity in my home state. Today it was announced that Pat Summit who is head coach of the Lady Vols basketball team has early onset dementia that will lead eventually to Alzheimer’s it made me sad.

My grandmother has a similar condition the difference is my grandmother is in her 80’s, coach summit isn’t even 60 yet. It is my hope for coach Summitt is that she will be able to deal with this with grace and will be able to manage her condition and her career on her terms.

This is not going to be easy for her but with support she will be able to have a rich, rewarding life while she battles this condition. At this time in her life having people around her to care for her is going to be a must. She has amazing care at her disposal. There are thousands of people around the world who are dealing with this same thing and perhaps she will be able to help them too. Coach Summitt you are in our prayers.


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