Turns out that all of those enhanced, flavored waters are “essentially a liquid multivitamin pill” that people drink because of water’s blandness — and a few clever marketing schemes. 

The added vitamins might sound enticing when you’re reaching for a quick drink on the run, but Giancoli was quick to quell the miracle-working capabilities of enhanced water. “As far as the extra vitamins and minerals in there, it’s essentially a liquid multivitamin pill,” she said, recommending that people who want to spend their loot on an enhanced water opt for a zero-calorie version, like Vitaminwater Zero or Propel Zero.

Is water really all that boring? Apparently so, according to Spiritakis, who said the chief complaint among consumers is that water just doesn’t do it for them. “When you ask consumers how much water they drink, they often come back and say very low levels and oftentimes the barrier to drinking water is they find plain water tastes boring and they’re looking for something that has more flavor.”


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