Glee 3D Movie – A note to the church


I saw the Glee 3D movie today and it was great. It taught me a lesson on how we as the Church need to be inclusive of those who are different in looks, life and talents. Too many times I hear of kids who aren’t made to feel welcome in church because they are not what traditionally we see on Sunday’s (or Saturday’s for our SDA friends). God is love, we are to love one another as Christ loves us, Jesus love the little children of the world. The music of Glee is the platform in which a diverse group of young people light up the world with their talent. They gain acceptance and a purpose in their lives. We as the church need to be more like Will Schuster the leader of the New Directions glee club who brings people in to do the work of making a difference in the lives of those who have a story to share, a song to sing a dance to dance.


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