Glee 3D Movie – A Commentary


I admit I am not the biggest Gleek but I appreciate this show for how it shows how a diverse group of individuals can come together as a group to do amazing performances and light up the lives of many people. Glee has done much to inspire kids to step out and perform their hearts out.

This movie gave the cast a big stage in a big crowd to sing the songs that have made this show the success it is. It also had a deeper purpose on how Glee has inspired kids to embrace their quirks, differences and to use their talents. Performing arts is a important part of our culture and Glee is making a statement that everyone needs a stage to show what they can do. It also helps folks uncover hidden talents that need to be shared with the world. The movie explored many themes of acceptance and empowerment of people who would find their voice.

Everyone will enjoy this movie. The performances were super. Rock solid music and vocals make this a worthwhile movie to see. Its a great companion to the TV show. I enjoyed this very much and most certain to get it when it comes out on Blu Ray.


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